The Intuition Game

Tap into your intuition, make your guess, place your bet. Enjoy the Rewards.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Intuition game mechanics were provided in a dream. It was the start of something really fun! The gameboard layout and betting payouts were developed over many hours of play testing and re-visioning. 

We thoughtfully examined all aspects of gameplay from hedge betting, chip leader strategy, and card counting. We feel this game is exciting and fair to all players no matter their age or gaming experience. If a card counter is playing, other players will notice the way they bet and come up with strategies to counter this advantage.

The Payouts of 10×1 For Matching Exact Card with Color and Shape. 2×1 For Matching Color or Shape. 5×1 For Matching a Wild Card. And 1×1 For Matching a Special Bet, are all based on probability and odds given the number of playing and wild cards. See above for the examples.

A great way to keep your memory and math skills sharp! And of course, this game is a phenomenal way to develop your Intuition and inner awareness!

Thank you for your interest in the Intuition game. 


Can The Dealer Change Their Bet after Players Bet?

No. Once The Dealer Places the Marker and Bet on the gameboard the dealer can’t change the location. However, They can add or subtract tokens from the bet up until the card is flipped. Minimum bet is 10 units.


Why are there 3 wild cards?

The odds favor the dealer versus a player betting on the all wrong special bet. The Dealer is an instant winner and other bets are losers when a wild card is revealed. This dynamic keeps players from camping all game on the all wrong special bet.


Can you look at previously played cards?

No. Once cards are revealed, they are placed face down and not to be viewed again in the game. However, you can count how many cards are remaining to be played.


Can you bet the all wrong special bet against a dealer who bets on a wild card?

Yes. This can be a very good way to play the odds and wager against the dealer.

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Here is some more information!

The characters selected for the gameboard were not random. These four living creatures are the apex of their respective species. The lion is king of the beasts. Man is king of his domain. The Ox is the king of the working animals. And the eagle is the leader of the birds.

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01. Are the living creatures discussed anywhere?

Yes, they are mentioned in the bible as representing the cherubim in God;s tabernacle.

02. What about the tribes around the tabernacle?

Yes, each character matches the leading tribe situated around the tabernacle. Lion is the tribe of Judah, Man is the tribe of Rueben, Ox is the tribe of Ephraim, and Eagle is the tribe of Dan.

03. What about the books in the gospels?

Yes. The lion is about leadership described in Matthew. The man is associated with humanity as in Luke. The ox is related to being a servant as outlined in Mark. and The eagle is know for vision as related to the book of John.

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